How often should I paint the exterior of my house?

17th May 2019

Exterior walls, trims, eaves will need a repaint every ten years. But this can change depending on the quality of job the previous painter did.

Tell tale signs your house needs a coat of paint.

  • When peeling and cracking on window trim becomes visible from a distance.
  • Inspect your weatherboards, look at the knots and joints and see if there are any signs of paint thinness or breakdown.
  • If you’re in a brick home check the eaves and trim for flacking and cracking.
  • Check your western wall as that is the one most exposed to the ravages of the sun.

Preparation Is Key

Before painting it's important to give the surface a thorough clean in preparation for a fresh coat. A good clean will get rid of any mould, residue, or dirt that has built up over time. You may need to sand it down, removing all previous layers for some problem areas. Then washing it all down thoroughly.

Buy Good Paint

The best paints are typically the premium brands. Pay a bit extra upfront to get a long-lasting result – cheap paint is a false economy as it'll need redoing far more frequently.

The best way to ensure your efforts reach the 10 year mark is choosing the right type of paint for the conditions, having the surfaces prepared well and the paint applied correctly.

Let us help

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