How to store paint

27th Sep 2019

Paint can be expensive, so it’s worth your time taking the proper steps to store your paint the right way so it will last longer.

Label it

Before you store your paint away, don't forget to mark each paint can with a permanent marker with the name of the paint and what room or surface the paint was used for.
Another good idea is to put a dab of the paint colour on the lid so that it can be easily identified.

Use smaller containers 

Large tins are not only bulky and take up a lot of space, but they also allow more paint surface to come in contact with air due to their size, so the paint dries up faster. Pour leftover paint into smaller containers or jars if there’s not that much left, as this will help keep the paint fresh for longer. Remembering to label the new lid correctly.

Give it the best seal possible 

It’s best not to use a screwdriver to open a can of paint, as it can dent or warp the lid and compromise the airtight seal when it comes time to put the lid back on. Instead, use a proper paint can opener, which is specifically designed to open up those paint tin lids without damaging them.

Before closing a paint tin or a jar, be sure to wipe clean all paint residue from the rim so that the lid gets a proper seal when you go to close it up. It will also make it easier for you to open it when you need to use it again.

To create an even tighter air seal put a layer of plastic wrap over the paint tin opening before putting the lid back on in order to aid in sealing up the can completely.

Use a rubber mallet and gently tap around the edges of the lid. Don't hammer the middle of the lid as this can distort the lid and disrupt the air seal.

Store it 

Store your paint in a cool, dry and easily accessible place. As paint needs to be stored at a constant temperature, free from heat rises and cold snaps, a dark cupboard inside your home, works well.